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1Training Platform
Leverage a complete learning management system (LMS), built just for restaurants, for all of your training needs.
2Content packages
Select from three course packages in our restaurant-specific content library, and add your own content as well.
How e-learning helps your business grow
Develop leaders
Proven courseware used in a blended learning program helps groom high potential employees into effective leaders.
Accelerate learning
E-learning teaches basic skills before on-the-job training begins, so training goes faster and your new leaders are ready for their new roles sooner.
Increase tenure
Successful employees are happier and stay longer, which means you can reduce costly turnover and recruiting, while promoting career growth.
Reduce training costs
By automating training, you can reduce the time on-the-job trainers spend with trainees so they can spend more time serving your guests.
Raise guest satisfaction
Better trained employees provide better service to your guests, and that means higher guest satisfaction and more repeat visits.
Drive revenue
With more effective training in place, your team will be able to provide consistent brand experiences that promote growth for your business.
Hear from our clients how online training is impacting their restaurants.
What our customers say
Golden-Corral-new.png“We’re trying to shoot at that target of how an existing manager performs, and what our new program has been able to do is come closer to that target. We are really getting close to having people exit the program at the same performance level as someone who’s been in the job 2, 3, 4 years.”
- Sam Emory, Senior Director of Learning & Development
Texas-Roadhouse.png“It’s truly a one-stop shop. They really provide everything that you need in a learning management system. Easy, convenient, user-friendly. They have it all.”
- Lauren McCombs, eLearning Designer
cousins.png“It’s really helpful that you don’t have to recreate the wheel. There’s already content there that is very appropriate to the learners in any restaurant setting.”
- John Krahn, Corporate Manager of Training
Granite-City.png“In 2016, we rolled out a whole new hourly training program, and a lot of it is housed on the LMS. After the implementation, we saw our guest service scores go up consistently for 9 consecutive periods. We saw voluntary turnover for 30 and 90 days or less go down for 9 straight months.”
- Jason Lechner, Director of Training
Pizza-Ranch.png“The feedback that we’ve gotten has been very, very positive from our franchisees and managers. Our managers are telling us that our team members are getting up to speed much, much quicker.”
- Chad Klocke, Director of Training
Moe-s.png"The system is user friendly, and DiscoverLink welcomes ideas from their clients on how to make things better."
- Jessicah Pounds, Senior Director of Training
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